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  1. What does “Full Spectrum” mean?
    1. Full spectrum means that the extract contains CBD, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids. This includes the 0.3% Delta 9 THC.
    2. Just because there are trace amounts of THC in there, that does not make this product intoxicating. It actually helps CBD work more efficiently!
    3. Terpenes are the aromatic oils that hemp, marijuana, and tons of other plants and fruits create.
    4. Phytocannabinoid is the term for compounds like CBD and THC. There are over 140 of them found in cannabis so far!
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  1. Is CBD intoxicating?
    1. CBD is nonintoxicating meaning you will not get that “high” even from full spectrum product
  1. What is the best product for sleep?
    1. It’s hard to classify one product being the best for everyone, so we do encourage everyone to try a variety of products until you find what works best for you
    2. We have a few products tailored specifically for sleep, those include
      1. CBN Prolifera Tablets
      2. Hemp Farmacy Sleep Capsules
  1. What if I don’t want to smoke it?
    1. There are plenty of ways to use CBD without smoking it and there are benefits to each
    2. Although smoking gives you the most immediate onset, it is not the only quick acting option you have.
      1. Tinctures are oil based and great for absorbing under your tongue. They also let you control how much you take and give you a variety of potencies to choose from.
      2. Edibles are great to take more preemptively and before you know your symptoms are peaking or when you need a longer lasting effect
  1. Are THC products right for me?
    1. There are a lot of different cannabis products out there and we cannot really understand if they are right for us until we try them. But the best tactic is starting low and working your way up until you find the effect you like.
    2. It is also important to think about what you want out of your experience with THC. Is this for pain, sleep, relaxation, recreation? These are all important questions when it comes to finding the right cannabis product for you.
    3. If you are interested in exploring THC products, but are more apprehensive, we have a lot of lower potency products to try
      1. Our 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta 8 THC made up of 15mgs of each. Many of our newer customers to THC products are a fan of this product because combining CBD can calm down the effects of THC
      2. If you’re looking for more potent products then our 30mg Delta 8 gummy bites
    4. Once again everyone is different and it takes trial and error until finding a good match for your goals in using cannabis products
    5. THC is not for everyone and CBD gives plenty of therapeutic effects on its own, but they work even better together
    6. Feel free to call or visit one of our locations to talk to one of our employees to help you navigate our products
  1. Can my pets have CBD?
    1. Of course! CBD interacts with dogs just like it does with us. Many of our customers use our products occasionally for their pets dealing with anxiety with storms, separation, and car ride anxiety.
    2. For pets dealing with more chronic issues, like epilepsy, arthritis, pain, old age, and dementia in older dogs
    3. The general dosing for pets starts at 1-2mgs of CBD for every 10 pounds
      1. This may vary and timing of dose throughout the day may increase depending on what the pet is dealing with.
      2. For dogs or cats with epilepsy, pet owners normally go with a tincture so they can quickly and easily administer their dose. There are lots of customer reports of this stopping seizures or at least making them infrequent.
      3. Not everyone gets the same results so it takes some trial and error with dose, timing, and combination of medication so talk to your vet if you have concerns.
  1. What’s the difference between ingesting it or putting it on your skin?
    1. If you are looking for a targeted effect, then a topical is the way to go. When you apply it on your skin, it interacts with the receptors specifically there.
      1. This can help with localized inflammation and pain
    2. Ingesting or inhaling your product will give an all over effect on the other hand
      1. When people are experienced localized pain or injury as well as other more chronic internal things, a combination of ingesting and applying topically increases the effectiveness
    3. Many people use topicals for arthritis, nerve damage, neuropathy, psoriasis, a variety of injuries, contusions, scars, inflammation, skin cancer, and more.
    4. Not everyone gets the same results and it may take trying a variety of products
    5. One tip! Hydrated skin will be able to absorb CBD more effectively!
  1. Will this interfere with any of my medications?
    1. It is important to talk to your doctor about using CBD or any cannabis products if you are using medications especially. It is encouraged to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns at all
    2. Heart and blood pressure are well known to NOT take at the same time as your ingested CBD.
      1. It is encouraged to wait 2-4 hours until taking CBD after or before taking your heart and blood pressure medication
      2. Taking these at the same time could cause faintness and lightheadedness
      3. CBD acts like grapefruit juice and can alter an enzyme in your liver. This can change the way you absorb heart and blood pressure medication, causing the faintness
  1. Can I use CBD during the day without getting sleepy?
    1. The effect of CBD and most cannabis products is very dose dependent!
      1. Smaller amounts of CBD can be much better for more energetic effects and help with focus
      2. Larger amounts are better for pain and sleep
    2. Everyone has their own dose so “smaller” and “larger” amounts are relative to each person
  1. Is CBD addictive?
    1. CBD is non-addictive and as research has been expanding, it has been found that CBD can aid in various substance addictions
    2. The major studies so far show that these substances see the most promise
      1. Nicotine
      2. Opioids
      3. THC