Help! My Skin is Drying Out From All This Hand Washing

Help! My Skin is Drying Out From All This Hand Washing

Have you heard over and over how important it is to wash your hands? There is a lot of clinical data behind these statements proving not only how effective handwashing is but that it is to be considered a first line defense.

So as we continue to monitor the potential spread of the virus, handwashing has moved to the forefront of our conversation when discussing what we can do to protect ourselves and others and help stop or slow the spread of viral infection.

Did you know that your skin is part of a system of the body? It is actually the main component of our Integumentary system. Your skin plays an important role in protecting us from many things like infection, UV radiation, heat loss etc..Now that we are washing our hands more frequently you may notice that your hands are becoming dry. In order to prevent breaks in the protective barrier our skin provides, there are things we can do to keep our skin healthy while we continue to wash our hands more frequently:

  • Moisture is key. Washing our hands frequently can remove the oils in our skin. Moisturizer applied to our hands can help act like these natural oils by trapping water in your skin to increase hydration. That addresses moisture from the outside, but we also need to address it from the inside. Yet another reason why drinking water is important to our overall health and wellness is our bodies require adequate hydration in order to perform optimally.
  • Nutrition. Just as we need to provide hydration, we also need to support healthy skin with good nutrition, essentially giving our bodies the building blocks required to replenish our skin.
  • Sleep. Ever notice how lack of sleep makes you look? Adequate sleep is restorative and allows our systems to operate effectively.
  • Manage stress. Apparently stress is included on every list when it comes to healthy habits that promote wellness. With this in mind, there are tips available for stress management especially now as we are experiencing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Your health and wellness are important. Taking care of your skin will help your skin take care of you!

Be well and stay safe Hemp Farmacy friends!

Disclaimer Note To Readers:

This information is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as medical advice or to be any form of medical treatment and its use is at the discretion and good judgement of the reader. Consult your designated healthcare provider before changing any part of your current medical treatment including supplements, diets, and medications. Please see our website for additional information such as the FDA disclosure.

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