WELCOME Why I wanted to become a “Hemp Nurse”

WELCOME  Why I wanted to become a “Hemp Nurse”


I have always loved to read…. A good story that grabs you, brings you along on a journey and then leaves you with a mild sense of loss when the story is over. I also love history for much the same reason, how the story continues and new characters pick up the threads that hopefully move us forward but inevitably we look back and see how the threads of others over time intertwine. How about a good puzzle on a rainy day? Looking for the next piece and the next, sometimes scanning the floor, sure that you must have lost a piece or two. Then, viola the picture emerges, each piece fitting perfectly into the design….. all of these things are why I became a nurse and have led me here doing what I love.  How nice….wait, what? That’s right, I just linked literature, history and puzzles to nursing.

Each of us has a health history and a story to tell of our experiences and those of friends and family. We encounter puzzles along the way and are often surprised when we look back at a point in time declaring “if I knew then what I know now” My story has chapters of professional development from the ICU to the Medical Device Industry with many changes of direction thrown in. My personal  story includes losing family members to chronic disease and cancer, my father being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and my 3 year old son being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. What life brings at times are deadlines and stress and bills to pay and stress and trouble sleeping which increases stress and did I mention stress? 

This brings me to the present. This part of my story is about sharing what I am learning along this journey to a new understanding of how to take care of ourselves and define what “health and well-being” means to each of us. We each need to be empowered and educated when it comes to our journey, so let’s start right now! In my new role as Director of Clinical Development, I hope to share insight, education and experiences with you from here at The Hemp Farmacy….Welcome!

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