Charcoal Mask - Skin Tight Essentials

Charcoal Mask - Skin Tight Essentials

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The Charcoal Mask is a clarifying and hydrating face mask that visibly refines pores and restores moisture to the skin, resulting in a purified, healthy-looking complexion. This double-duty skincare solution leaves the skin refreshed as activated charcoal, extracted from coconut shells, draws out impurities and other blockages to minimize the appearance of pore size, while sunflower oil and other hydrating ingredients provide intense moisture for ultra-smooth skin. After application, skin will appear instantly rejuvenated, radiant and clear.


Key Benefits:

• Deep Cleans Pores

• Absorbs Oil

• Exfoliates 

• Removes Blackheads

• Hydrates

Target Concerns:

• Dull and Tired-Looking Skin 

• Build-up of Impurities in the Pores

• Rough and Dry Patches