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The Hemp Farmacy Blog

  • CBD Basics. What the Rules Say and Why

    Today I am providing some background into the classification system used for drugs and dietary supplements and how it may frame some important conversations.

    by Janna Bauer, RN, BSN, CDE on December 18

  • Where your CBD comes from matters

    Have you ever bought produce from a local farmers market? Supporting your local farmer and enjoying fresh picked produce, yum.

    Do you wash you apple before eating it? Sure, washing fruit that is consumed peel and all is a smart thing to do.

    Do you purchase a product online and ingest it without any idea where it came from or what was in it? Wait, what?

  • What Are You Hearing About CBD? Here is an easy 4 step guide

    Okay, so lots of information about CBD is available and there are lots of products to choose from but not all information and not all products are equal…..

    Now what?

  • WELCOME Why I wanted to become a “Hemp Nurse”

    Each of us has a health history and a story to tell of our experiences